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Earl Grey Tea w/Yam Fillings Mille Crepe ♡

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The Earl Grey Yam Paste Mille Crepe is an exquisite fusion dessert, blending the aromatic subtlety of Earl Grey tea with the sweet, earthy depth of yam paste in delicate, layered crepes. This sophisticated creation layers thin, tender crepes with a fragrant Earl Grey-infused cream and smooth, rich yam paste, offering a unique taste experience. Its complex flavor profile is both comforting and refined, making it a perfect choice for those who appreciate the intricate marriage of traditional and contemporary tastes.

Comes with... 

Cake Knife x 1, Candle x 1


Available in 1 only, 8-inch.


Keep it Chilled: Always store your cake in the refrigerator. It's best enjoyed chilled, and this will also ensure the creamy layers remain intact. 

Note:  Do not leave the cake out for more than 30 minutes to ensure optimal taste and to prevent spoilage.

Shelf life: It's recommended to consume the cake within 1 day for the best quality, though it can last up to 2 days. After that, the freshness and texture might be compromised.